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Free Individual Instruction with Every Machine Sold!

At Grant House Sewing Machines you are not a face in a crowd. You are the crowd!

Learning how to sew is a lifelong process of enjoyment and fulfillment. Of course, it can also be very frustrating. Having someone show you how can make all the difference in the world.

It's about making friends - with your machine and with others who share your passion!

Masters Series Workshop
with Andrea Schewe

Modifying, Manipulating, and Combining Commercial Patterns

What a Huge Success! This workshop led by accomplished pattern making expert, Andrea Schewe who has been designing and making patterns for the home sewer since 1985, was exciting and informative. Watch here for more educational and fun events!

Announcing an Invaluable On-line Resource

Pfaff's creative assistant is your perfect sewing guide!

Click on the image above then select from the menu on the left starting with Button Plackets, Buttonholes, Collars, Cuffs, and much more. So much information right at your fingertips...

Free individual instruction with every machine sold

One compelling reason to buy your sewing equipment from Grant House Sewing Machines is the generous approach to initial and ongoing assistance with your new purchase. Another is the year of free service to ensure you get off to a great start. It's about friendship!And then there is the friendly, helpful, encouraging attitude.

The positive attitude is the most important reason to shop at Grant House.

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